"the most delightful disc of Brazilian chamber music to come along in years" Fanfare, 2019.

"it is a highly enjoyable disc, excellently performed (...) among rarely heard music discs there is here treasure-trove." David's Review Corner, 2018.

Erika Ribeiro and american violinist Francesca Anderegg met in 2015 during a concert tour of Brazil. In this project, they have partnered with Brazilian NY-based photographer Aline Müller to collect impressions of this geographically, musically and culturally diverse country.

Müller's compelling portraits offer glimpses into the life and character of Brazilian people, and Ribeiro and Anderegg have selected an array of musical works that, although breathtakingly varied in style and character, capture similar impressions of this vast country.

Their repertoire includes pieces by Villa-Lobos, Camargo Guarnieri, Radamés Gnattali, Edmundo Villani-Cortes, Lea Freire and Guerra Peixe. The album is available in all the main music plataforms.